Why do you need a mobile website?

Today, with the advancements in mobile technology and the increased availability of wifi/3g networks, surfing the web using mobile devices has become an normal sight the world over. Whether in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa or Scandinavia, you can easily spot local denizens catching the latest news, watching cat videos or social networking using smartphones or tablets

For many around the globe, who mostly just want to go online, it’s more economical and practical to buy a smartphone or tablet than to buy a desktop machine. The equation is simple: Mobile devices cost substantially less, and wifi or 3g networks are readily available for reasonable rates.

Along with this shift in device distribution, the nature of online activity has also evolved. Due to devices’ miniscule screen sizes (between 4 to 5 inches on smartphones) and limited hardware resources (weaker processor chip and graphics card), mobile device owners are more selective with the sites they choose to frequent. Sites that perform nicely on devices and give mobile users the most comfortable experience, benefit from the most traffic. The sites that aren’t are abandoned very quickly by users.

Basically, in order for a site owner to keep their visitors satisfied and coming back for more, their site must perform smoothly on devices and be displayed in an easy-to-view manner.

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Is the taste different !

Is the taste different. I am talking about the Famous Griffin’s Chocolate  Macaroon?

I haven’t eaten Chocolate Macaroon’s for many years And I have always remembered the taste as a nice Coconut flavor when I had eaten one.

I got a packet yesterday from the Super Market and I can’t believe the different taste they got now,”Not the good old Macaroon ” from way back. Whit that I turned the packet around and started reading the Label on the bottom. Ingredients: it say’s on the label may contain peanuts, ” I can buy my own peanuts if I need some, and the same goes for other nuts. The same goes for Sesame seeds to.

We are not talking about Ingredients here this is just extra what you may find in your Macaroon.

When you make more than one product in the same Factory do you have to have a mixture of what they made on the last shift in this mornings Macaroon mix.

I buy Macaroon because I like the texture of the 15% coconut and the Biscuit. But this lot is dry and taste not like the old Macaroon what is really sad, to ruin a great tradition in biscuit making

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Do you do your laundry at the local Laundromat if yes you know you can run into the most interesting people in the World,  just amazing to see how many folks have not got a dryer at there place ( haven’t got one either) the conversation there goes on is from dirty jokes to complain about the Government to meeting people you haven’t seen in years.

People that go there normally have plenty of time to spare or off for the day. This happens also when it rains a lot.



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Social Information !

Do you write a blog to tell other bloggers what you are doing in a day or do you write a blog for your own sanity !

A blog can bee a very personal thing to many people. I am sure many blogs on here are from people that like to inform there fellow bloggers what they did or like to have don. places s they have seen pictures they like us to watch. Is that been social informal or social informative.

What ever it is, it’s nice to see what is going on many Miles away in another Country different life style different Culture different everything


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Why is life so much more difficult when you get older. There should be a handbook written out by people that have been true all this before, telling people that are starting out in life what to eat, how to look after them self’s doing things the right way. ” Why not”

Sports are great for young people,  get an arm or leg broken is not a big thing but much later on in life it will com back an make your life miserable. Forgetting the sports side and going the other side the Party side of life. Sweet as poor it on can get to much of it and it feels great at the time, but later on in life you have don so much damaged to your body ind side and out, you can’t see it but it’s there like a tell tail.

We are doing so much harm to our self’s it’s not right. The food that goes in is so full of trans fat and other nasty things. Meat is hanging around in the intestine for day’s before it go South, Fizzy drink‘s get’s you high and sugar intake run wild. And all that goes on for many  many years and we a happy doing it to one day you get told you have diabetes overweight fat and on healthy. Is that what you are looking forward to in years to com, I don’t think so.

The middle class in our society is doing all they can to ruin there way of normal living. They got nothing to look forward to so they drink more than normal, if there is a norm for intake of alcohol. The IQ is not the greatest around people like that what is really sad to see. And kid’s produce kids that go no hope in hell of doing any good later in life. Crime rate is going up very fast.

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When you buy a bread, do you go for a healthy bread whit all the grains or do you like the white better……………………..

Does the size matter when you buy. Big or small ………………………..

Are there a right or wrong side when you start using the bread……………………………

Do you use the narrow side of the bread or do you feel you can put more on the other side

Do you use the end piece first or save it for later…………………..

When you think about it do you think about it before you buy a bread or is it just an automatic reaction you grape a bread and that’s it………………………. 


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So what causes the most deaths again?

I don’t think you can compare death by a hammer to a shotgun, nor can you compare assault rifle to car control. it doesn’t make any sense at all. This picture is used from a gun happy State that like to compare apples to pears who doesn’t like to loose what they don’t need in a home (a gun)

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