Friends can be really difficult to have or stay in contact with, all depends how hard you work at it.

When you are an infant it is very much likely your friends stay in the same area as you for many years. Reason there are to small to take of into the wide World, but when you or they get older things happen.

Keeping in contact with friends can have many great moments of letter writing or in to days Cyber World Inter net. but still some friends love to keep out of touch, not because they like to, but is it all about you are the one that are keeping the contact going, they are quit willingly letting you do the ground work.

They don’t think about it as an ongoing revenue of detail’s how things are going where they are living or staying for some time. It is very important to keep up with old new distant or any friends that are important for later in life.

You com in contact with many great people in a life time, some that just pars by but many that makes your life more exciting and whole. You can not have to many friends !

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