Why do you need a mobile website?

Today, with the advancements in mobile technology and the increased availability of wifi/3g networks, surfing the web using mobile devices has become an normal sight the world over. Whether in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa or Scandinavia, you can easily spot local denizens catching the latest news, watching cat videos or social networking using smartphones or tablets

For many around the globe, who mostly just want to go online, it’s more economical and practical to buy a smartphone or tablet than to buy a desktop machine. The equation is simple: Mobile devices cost substantially less, and wifi or 3g networks are readily available for reasonable rates.

Along with this shift in device distribution, the nature of online activity has also evolved. Due to devices’ miniscule screen sizes (between 4 to 5 inches on smartphones) and limited hardware resources (weaker processor chip and graphics card), mobile device owners are more selective with the sites they choose to frequent. Sites that perform nicely on devices and give mobile users the most comfortable experience, benefit from the most traffic. The sites that aren’t are abandoned very quickly by users.

Basically, in order for a site owner to keep their visitors satisfied and coming back for more, their site must perform smoothly on devices and be displayed in an easy-to-view manner.

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