Is the taste different !

Is the taste different. I am talking about the Famous Griffin’s Chocolate  Macaroon?

I haven’t eaten Chocolate Macaroon’s for many years And I have always remembered the taste as a nice Coconut flavor when I had eaten one.

I got a packet yesterday from the Super Market and I can’t believe the different taste they got now,”Not the good old Macaroon ” from way back. Whit that I turned the packet around and started reading the Label on the bottom. Ingredients: it say’s on the label may contain peanuts, ” I can buy my own peanuts if I need some, and the same goes for other nuts. The same goes for Sesame seeds to.

We are not talking about Ingredients here this is just extra what you may find in your Macaroon.

When you make more than one product in the same Factory do you have to have a mixture of what they made on the last shift in this mornings Macaroon mix.

I buy Macaroon because I like the texture of the 15% coconut and the Biscuit. But this lot is dry and taste not like the old Macaroon what is really sad, to ruin a great tradition in biscuit making

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