Are there any ages for flatting!

Some kid’s got no boundary or restriction what other peoples property or feeling’s concern in flatting situation’s.

AS we get older the space around us get smaller an we don’t tolerate as much from other people. It is very much an balancing act to flatting. It can take sometimes to get it down to a fine art before you know how they react and respond to different situations.

Most of all, you have to like other people not always like what they are doing. We are all different.

When do you stop go flatting or do some people really like that all the time mingle and be happy.

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Friends can be really difficult to have or stay in contact with, all depends how hard you work at it.

When you are an infant it is very much likely your friends stay in the same area as you for many years. Reason there are to small to take of into the wide World, but when you or they get older things happen.

Keeping in contact with friends can have many great moments of letter writing or in to days Cyber World Inter net. but still some friends love to keep out of touch, not because they like to, but is it all about you are the one that are keeping the contact going, they are quit willingly letting you do the ground work.

They don’t think about it as an ongoing revenue of detail’s how things are going where they are living or staying for some time. It is very important to keep up with old new distant or any friends that are important for later in life.

You com in contact with many great people in a life time, some that just pars by but many that makes your life more exciting and whole. You can not have to many friends !

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Daylight saving was first introduced during the First World War. But most Countries discontinued it.
The goal of Daylight saving was the Time to use Daylight to it’s maximum.
But DST has had many Detractors from Farmers to parent’s and school children who get confused about the whole thing.
For many month every year some Countries have DST, and many people switch their clock’s forward and back without understanding where the idea came from.
Economic effects. Retailers, sporting and other business benefit from extra afternoon sunlight

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Chester Fan Art!

Cats will do anything to get food, even dump you for something that could be better next door. but there are cute and very adorable. They need you when it is convenient for them, cats have no master.

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Do you go and see your doc. because you fell or have you got a feeling it’s not all right. I am one of those people that wonder down to get to know what could or could not be wrong somewhere I don’t see my doc in many years so therefor I don’t expect a perfect answer for something that I am not aware of.( but maybe he is)

Many doctors are clue less when you walk in the door to his domain, and you will all ways get the same cumming out of his mouth” What can I do for you to day Sir. As I did say before I am a healthy guy so my answer to ” what can I do for you all ways get me thinking.  What can I say that doesn’t sound at of place, so I finally get around to tel him ” I would like a check up. A check up can be many strange things and that worry me a bit what is he about to discover and saying that, doctors look ad you like you are guilty of many sins. 

If doctors can’t cut whit a knife in you or fill you up with a whole lot of pills from the Pharmaceutics he are in a deep shit, because now he have to work for his money, and on top of that he only got fifteen minutes to make a decision,That’s how busy doctors are to day, and you are only a piece of meat or a number. Would you like a flue jab, my responds was thank you but no thank you I don’t like getting ill, I did not com here to get ill.


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Wheat grass (Chlorophyll)

Wheat grass , super food with a high concentration of Nutrient’s. Amino Acid, Enzymes and other Compound to protect and repair damage cell’s.

It contain 13 Vitamin.

15 pound of Wheat grass is equivalent to 350 pound of carrots. Wheat grass is devastating to germs, gentle to body tissues .

Clear Acne, blood sugar problem, purify liver and reduce inflammations

If you like to experimenting with wheat grass here is what you need to get started:

You can buy Wheat from your Local Store.

1. A flat sprouting tray

2. Compost Mix

3. A news paper

Take a cop of Wheat pour it into a jar wash it well and keep doing that to the Wheat is clean. Pour the water out tip the jar up side down in a sift the let it drain. Take your sprouting tray fill it half full with compost water it well then pour your dry Wheat on top. Be careful to have the Wheat cover the whole tray, not just in a lump in the middle. Last but very important you now need your old News paper lay it on top pour water all over it and find dry place to sprout .

Let it grow to about 6 inches tall. then cut it put it in a Blender and drink it. The taste is bland, but you get use to it. One Warning newer cook it you loose what in the Wheat.


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