Do you go and see your doc. because you fell or have you got a feeling it’s not all right. I am one of those people that wonder down to get to know what could or could not be wrong somewhere I don’t see my doc in many years so therefor I don’t expect a perfect answer for something that I am not aware of.( but maybe he is)

Many doctors are clue less when you walk in the door to his domain, and you will all ways get the same cumming out of his mouth” What can I do for you to day Sir. As I did say before I am a healthy guy so my answer to ” what can I do for you all ways get me thinking.  What can I say that doesn’t sound at of place, so I finally get around to tel him ” I would like a check up. A check up can be many strange things and that worry me a bit what is he about to discover and saying that, doctors look ad you like you are guilty of many sins. 

If doctors can’t cut whit a knife in you or fill you up with a whole lot of pills from the Pharmaceutics he are in a deep shit, because now he have to work for his money, and on top of that he only got fifteen minutes to make a decision,That’s how busy doctors are to day, and you are only a piece of meat or a number. Would you like a flue jab, my responds was thank you but no thank you I don’t like getting ill, I did not com here to get ill.


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