Wheat grass (Chlorophyll)

Wheat grass , super food with a high concentration of Nutrient’s. Amino Acid, Enzymes and other Compound to protect and repair damage cell’s.

It contain 13 Vitamin.

15 pound of Wheat grass is equivalent to 350 pound of carrots. Wheat grass is devastating to germs, gentle to body tissues .

Clear Acne, blood sugar problem, purify liver and reduce inflammations

If you like to experimenting with wheat grass here is what you need to get started:

You can buy Wheat from your Local Store.

1. A flat sprouting tray

2. Compost Mix

3. A news paper

Take a cop of Wheat pour it into a jar wash it well and keep doing that to the Wheat is clean. Pour the water out tip the jar up side down in a sift the let it drain. Take your sprouting tray fill it half full with compost water it well then pour your dry Wheat on top. Be careful to have the Wheat cover the whole tray, not just in a lump in the middle. Last but very important you now need your old News paper lay it on top pour water all over it and find dry place to sprout .

Let it grow to about 6 inches tall. then cut it put it in a Blender and drink it. The taste is bland, but you get use to it. One Warning newer cook it you loose what in the Wheat.


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