Regret 3

Let’s get married is a word there are been used to often and to soon with no regards to what happen next, the next part is the unknowable can we really live together as a couple. Before it was a flatmate situation where everything has its ups and down. Sun after we got married  I started to wonder about the things there was just ok the ups and down bit.

In my situation I have an early start breakfast easy my lunch I made to and of I vent. But dinner was my chose as well and it became an challenge. Do to her study she was not in the mood for cooking or anything else for that matter. What you do for love to keep the peace .

I got my own theory why couple stay together and one of them is “it’s better you know the devil than the one you don’t”. Or maybe it is just as easy to hang around and put up whit it. I newer could find out why fight over things when it  was better than just live,

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