Regret Part 2

I have been called many names in my life Introvert Anti social  like in those lines what is hurtful but I suppose the trues all ways hurt.

You try to make compromise when you make new friends, to start with you smile more than you did the last time you met up with people you did not know, and they just want to talk about there life, and not really interested in what you have to say but just been a vent. who cares about gossip and small talk. I was diffidently not a party goer in my younger years, drunk was like waste of time you where bound to end up with a sore head the day after, and been out of control was not my idea.

On  of many party’s I did turn up an did have fun I met a lady that later became my wife, what he had in common I newer did find out because I was to busy working and supporting her.  Later I was told by her she needed an education that could made our life a bit better,  do your best in the worst situation to suit everybody.

She got her education and we fall apart  that  really wasn’t meant to happen, but things happen for a reason right!

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