Why do people take drugs!

To feel god, the problem?  Drugs don’t care what the reason is. To fit in is difficult no one want’s to be left out. So sometimes even smart people make bad decisions. They don’t think  how drugs can isolate you from your family and friends. They don’t look past the party to see how things could turn out, or maybe just looking around to see who is not using drugs was to easy.

Drugs help me to relax, I am stressed out I need to be wasted. Drinking and doing drugs is just easier than dealing with the problem. The thing is the problem is still there, and not only do they have to deal with their problems, but they also have to deal with them when they’re not at 100 percent and they’re feeling guilty or, even worse, when they’re not thinking straight.

To feel growing up, a weird reason for doing drugs. Why would an adult want to do drugs? Probably for many of the same reasons you would consider. To be like a movie star, try to explain to your kids that the entertainment  world is fake, most do drugs just to cope with the stress. Sometimes people turn drugs into a statement against someone else or society in general. Somehow taking drugs makes them more individual. The problem with taking drugs, robing these people of their ability to be independent. It’s human nature to want to experiment, but also human nature to avoid things that are bad for you.

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