When do you become a gambler!

Gambling your money away or just having some fun are there any different s. I see lover class people spend money on gambling and really getting into it, is that gambling or just been social. There is a saying what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas, is that a cover up story to tell the girl friend when you get home. Is gambling only a social down side of the stress full life we got our self into, it’s a way of letting stem out. Gambling is not a new invention it has been around sense the Roman Empire, and I believe it was only the rich that could participate in that game, the pure people just had fun watching . A guy go down to the Pub to get a few, docent make him a drunk , gambling on the other hand can make you loose everything you worked for if you can not stop playing. Gambling could be a way of making a fast dollar if you are lucky, but the machines are working against you, what most people know, but there are  the odds and you are willing to spend your money against the odds. When you are sitting in front of this machine you want to  play  your money on, you could win your cash back, so you keep putting money in hoping your luck will change, and it does and you put some more in to get some more back. It works for some time and you get your hopes up, money does com your way but  in the end you are sitting there with a long face and all your money are gone. Do you walk away knowing you just lost the grosser y money for a whole week. not many people can just do that, so they try there luck on another machine with borrowed money. It’s a life for many people all over the world that did become a gambler.

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