What would you do if  you had no hands ( get somebody to feed you) some people are born with no hands, or hands that are sitting on a little stump on your  short arm. Hands are a vital part of your body, and that make us human compere to animals whit only four legs.

Some animals can use there arms, like monkeys can use there hands to eat whit. The different from the abs monkeys to human is we can use our hands in many different ways. Fingers can be used to make many signs, like the v sign for peas, someone is giving you the finger sign. The circle sign for you are doing great, all so the thump up sign, that can be turned into thumps down. There are so many different signs you can make with your hands corresponding with other people you don’t even know or like to know for that matter. You can be sitting in your car waiting for the car in front of you to take of and the guy is not paying attention, you raise both your hands in the air mama mia! get going man. Newer seen a Police man doing the traffic hour using his arms and fingers to tell the traffic what to do. Air craft carrier whit pilots sitting ready for take off. You can clap your hands in many ways, to make a beet for a song, or just to  tell how pleased you are for a information you just got. To hold onto someone you care for.

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