Jennick sat up in her seat and motioned for the boys to come closer” The task of the Dieter’s stick of Skinnyness is thus. A penis must be fully inserted into my Pussy of Extreme smallness, and might I add that many a man have tried and failed to accomplish this task” she said in a hushed tone. A wide grin spread across the little looser’s  face.” Well baby, I hope that you’re ready cause I bet you’ve never been confronted with a penis as impossibly small as this!” he exclaimed as he whipped down his pants, exposing his hardened glory in all of it’s minuteness.”Oh my god, that could just do it gasped Jennick, and whit that lifted her skirt.

Show me your moves little man. Timmy, (who had gone all pale) turned and walked away muttering” there is no way I am sticking around to watch this. I’ll be outside when you are don. Timmy was quite surprised when a couple of minutes later out strode the little looser, with a big grin on his face and a strange looking stick in his hand.

And I thought that was going to be difficult ” he said to Timmy. Let’s go open a can of diet whoop arse on those obese, brittle ankle bitches shall we?

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