Follow me Timmy, and we have to be quick. You never know when she might need to pop out for a snack. “The little looser turned his back and quickly toke off. When Timmy finally caught up , the little looser was standing at a phone box, flicking through the yellow pages. Where the fuck did this thing come from? “asked Timmy, cause I’ve seen some tricky arseshit, but I’m sure I’d remember seeing a bloody phone box! The little looser just ignored him and kept going through the phone book, “Ahah, here it is! he suddenly cried, “she may be the only hope we have.

We don’t have much time, it says here she shuts at five PM. and we have to get to the forest across the creek. By the time they got there it was just before five. Timmy looked up and read the sign.”Who is this Jennick Raig and how can she possibly help us whit those huge bitches? “he asked. “Guess there’s only one way to find out I guess, “replied the little looser as he turned to open the door, silently praying to him self that she could in fact help them.

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