Found some more Slang.

Ice block popsicle Intermediate school junior-high school

Jandals flip-flops, i.e., kind of rubber footwear
Janola bleach
Jelly jello
Jellymeat canned pet food
Jersey sweater
Judderbar speed bump
Jug kettle
Jumper sweater


Kai Food
Kindy kindergarten
Kip sleep
Kiwi New Zealander or flightless bird native to New Zealand, never a contraction of kiwifruit
Knackered exhausted
Knickers underwear/panties
Kumara sweet potato


Ladybird ladybug
Lavatory toilet
Lay by lay away
Lemon squash lemonade
Lemonade clear, lemon-flavored softdrink, e.g., 7-Up or Sprite
Lift elevator
Local rag local newspaper
Lolly sweet
Long drop outdoor toilet built over a hole in the ground Loo toilet
Lounge living room
Lounge suite sofa

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