Amazing, here are some more Slang!

Maori indigenous people of New Zealand
Marrow overgrown zucchini
Mate friend
Metal road gravel road
Milo hot chocolate drink
Mince ground beef
Morning tea a short break from work in the morning
Mozzie Mosquito
Motorway freeway
Mountain oysters testicles from castrated lambs
Mr. Whippy van that sells ice-cream cones
Mum Mom


Nana grandmother
Nappy diaper
Netball basketball-like sport played by women
Nick steal
No Flies on me I’m not gullible
Note monetary bill
Nought zero


O.E. Overseas Experience – a prolonged period traveling/working/vacationing overseas
Oz Australia


Paddock field
Pakeha person of European descent; also means long pork
Pamphlet brochure
Panelbeater automobile body shop

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