Copenhagen has always been a City of diverse living. You loose you social status when you got no fix address. Many people live in condemned buildings under bridges in card board boxes, many have a car they are using as a home (a place to sleep)or sleep in door ways of buildings. Many even get a dog to look after them.

The society’s loser’s, they are called, life for them is a uphill battle to survive every day. Food is a big problem, and because there are few that are looking for the same thing, you need a routine to get in first.

Beer in Denmark is cheap and to many drink to much of it, what could lead to another problem, but homeless people have got that one sorted.

Railway in Copenhagen  goes for miles, so whit each station they go looking in trash, and that way they can collect bottles, and maybe other food. It is degrading to see grown op adults fall that fare, that trash is money. And the worse part of it kids see what is going on and get use to it.

Begging is another part of drunk peoples behavior, what is not good for any tourist to see,  having a dirty looking guy asking for money for another drink, is a grey contrast to a great City, that can look and feel like a sleeping beauty.

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