There are many ways you can take when you like to go to England. I decided to take the long way, reason for that I had some time to spare.

A car ride was the best alternative if you like to see some more of your own Country plus take advantage of seen many great places.

Germany was the first place I got to. Border control was a joke, no stopping at all, you just wave out, and the guard just look, and kept eating there food. Next stop was an food Store whit some great looking food. The route toke me true Holland passing the Dyke, further over was the France border where you could drive true without Ewen stopping. A ferry got me to Dover in England, where people drive on the opposed side of the road scary but it could be done.

The trip to London was eventful, many places I past had Danish names, and it occurred to me the Vikings did do some wild things back in 800 bc, burn down many places, and made new settlement.

London is a City you can get lost in, reason been a lot of streets are one way street. And people that live there got no passion for people like me that did not know where I was going, it was a nightmare.

Big Ben you can hardly miss, Buckingham Palace and surrounding buildings are all old dirty looking. To me London is a City whit to many people, and it smell.       

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