Travel bug!

It toke me some years to find another destination, Germany cam up as number one. Berlin was the place to see.

A friend of main had a scooter (Vespa)that toke us there, strange thing to ride on but very cheap.

Berlin in those days was a bit different then, there was a great wall there, dividing East from West, a hindering for many people that was living in East, many tried to escape doing that time many did not make it, either got shot trying or got court traveling between the borders.

To get to East Berlin you had to travel by train, but first you had to get true a strange setup. west German soldiers looked over your passport, next you went true to the USA soldiers, after that East German soldiers had a look to, finally you cold get to the train . The ride was just a short distance, but what a different from a whole city to a place left in ruin after the last war.

Street light barley let up the roads, cars that was there was left overs from the War . Mostly citron black, or other Eastern cars Skoda. The food was very wholesome, lot’s of potatoes and very little meat. Coffee you did not try, that was just not coffee. Chocolate was not to be seen anywhere.

Before we left for East Berlin, we exchange some money to use over there , what was great, one D Mark for two East Mark, we where in money.

We had our look around and did see many poor people just sitting around, and most of them gave us a strange look, the look you see in devastation, despair and looking for help to get out.

Made our way back to the train station, not knowing we had to go true an ordeal of shameless body search. When you eat or buy anything in East Berlin you keep your recipe for anything you buy pried. Nobody told us to do that, so when it came to our turn, the money that was left over, had to stay there. When asked if we had any money, the answer was no, I knew that was a bad decision. We had to strip down and live the cash  there, are scary situation.       

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