Founded in 1843, Tivoli is located where the once-fortified city’s ramparts used to be, a place for kid’s of all ages.

I cam here when I was a little kid, and it was like a paradise you see for the first time.

You could spend a whole day walking from place to place try every thing that could go around, to sail bout, to Clown on a stage, it would take your breaths away looking at Jock ling fire spying Artist, Ice cream as big as your hands, Candy floss the most sticky stuff you could eat, or get on your cloths.

Saturday was special because midnight just before 12 Fireworks was on, and in those days it was just out of this World, that was my opinion anyway at that time.

Tivoli Garden had it’s own Guard, a smaller version of the real Guard that looked after the Royal Family. They walked true every day, what was a great site.

Food was something else that you newer eat anywhere else, just to die for.

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